Employee Management

Pragma Techs’ Employee Management App offers a comprehensive solution for both Admins and Employees, revolutionizing how businesses manage their workforce.

Driving School

Pragma Techs stepped in to revolutionize the driving school’s operations by developing a comprehensive solution that addressed the unique needs of each user role.

Mommy’s Pickle

Mommy’s Pickle turned to Pragma Techs, a leading IT and software development company, to help them overcome this challenge. Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence, Pragma Techs worked closely with Mommy’s Pickle to design and develop a dynamic website that would bring their business to life on the digital stage.

Psychologist to Go

Psychologist to Go collaborated with Pragma Techs to design and develop an enhanced user interface and experience, providing seamless navigation and personalized support for users and therapists. A dedicated team of developers, psychologists, and UX designers crafted a cutting-edge platform with intuitive features and robust security measures. Leveraging the latest technologies and insights from mental […]