Grave Robber

Dive into the mysterious and thrilling "Grave Robber" 2D game, where classic arcade meets modern gameplay in Unity 3D, challenging players to navigate graveyards, evade traps, and collect treasures in a strategic adventure.


Explore the eerie world of our "Grave Robber" 2D game, a unique fusion of classic arcade elements and engaging gameplay mechanics. Designed using Unity 3D, this project challenges players to navigate mysterious graveyards, gather treasures while avoiding traps, and delve into an immersive adventure filled with excitement and strategic decision-making.

Project Scope

Our goal was to create a captivating gaming experience that merges the nostalgia of classic Pac-Man-style gameplay with a fresh and intriguing concept. By introducing the theme of grave robbing and treasure hunting, we aimed to provide players with a dynamic and immersive journey through haunted landscapes while incorporating modern features like AdMob for enhanced user engagement.

Key Features

Innovative Gameplay

Players take on the role of a daring grave robber, navigating mazes filled with valuable items to collect while evading dangers. The blend of exploration, strategy, and quick reflexes adds depth to the gaming experience.

Treasure Hunt Dynamics

Uncover hidden gems, artifacts, and bones scattered throughout each level, encouraging players to strategize their routes and optimize their loot collection for maximum points.

AdMob Integration

Seamlessly integrated AdMob advertising enhances player retention by offering targeted ads that complement the gaming experience without disrupting immersion.

Unity 3D Development

Leveraging Unity 3D's robust capabilities allowed us to implement smooth controls, vibrant visuals, and interactive elements that bring the spooky world of "Grave Robber" to life.

Technologies/Skills Utilized

Unity 3D

Game Development In-App Purchases




Advertising Integration


Advertising Integration

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