Revolutionizing Gaming

Revolutionizing gaming by integrating Pupil's Lab eye-trackers with Unity 3D to create a multi-user memory card game where players control gameplay through eye movements, enhancing cognitive engagement.


Our team embarked on an innovative project to develop a multi-user memory card game that pushed the boundaries of interactive gaming experiences. Leveraging the power of Pupil's Lab eye-trackers and Unity 3D technology, we introduced a new dimension to gameplay where players' eye movements controlled the game, challenging their cognitive skills in a captivating setting.

Project Scope

The primary objective of this project was to create a dynamic and engaging memory card game that utilized Pupil's Lab eye-trackers for precise gaze interaction. By incorporating multi-user functionalities, we aimed to redefine traditional gaming experiences and offer players an immersive and technologically advanced gameplay environment.

Key Features

Multi-User Memory Card Game

Through innovative design and development, we introduced a multiplayer memory card game that encouraged collaboration and competitive gameplay among users. The interactive nature of the game fostered social interactions and enhanced the overall gaming experience.

Pupil's Lab Eye-Trackers

The integration of Pupil's Lab eye-trackers was pivotal in enabling precise gaze interaction within the game. By tracking users' eye movements, we added a layer of realism and control that elevated the gameplay to new heights, making it both challenging and rewarding for players.

Technologies Used

HTC Vive

As the leading VR platform in this project, HTC Vive provided users with an immersive experience characterized by high-fidelity visuals and responsive controls.

Unity 3D

The backbone of our development process, Unity 3D enabled us to build interactive and visually stunning virtual environments seamlessly.

VR Development

Our expertise in VR development played a pivotal role in bringing the client's vision to life, ensuring that each element contributed
to an unforgettable
user journey.

Outcomes &

The successful completion of this demo project not only showcased our team's technical prowess but also demonstrated the immense potential of virtual metaverses in revolutionizing real estate exploration. Our client received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users who praised the seamless integration of VR technology with property showcasing.  Their conversion rate increased to 20% which proves the potential of this product and what more it can achieve in the future.